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About us

We specialize in repairing and solving the most diverse malfunctions in hydraulic installations. We design, modify and install hydraulic systems. We are also active in the steel industry, paper industry, food industry, agricultural mechanization and in infrastructure technology. You can also contact us for aggregate construction cylinder and pump overhaul! With our skilled hydraulic technicians we can guarantee continuity.

Bosch Rexroth

Since March 2015 we are service and sales partner of Bosch Rexroth.

As of September 2020, NAP Techniek has also successfully completed all phases of the certification process and we are also a Certified Excellence partner!

You can contact NAP for all your Bosch Rexroth parts, service and repairs!


NAP Techniek BV has been an authorized distributor of the brand since April 2016 Moog hydraulics

Moog's premium product lines deliver top performance in pumps, actuators and proportional switching valves. The combination of unique expertise, ranging from the design and manufacture of key motion control components to the ability to build complete systems, makes Moog unique.

As an authorized distributor of Moog, we are better placed than anyone else to meet your needs with the supply and repair of Moog hydraulic products.


As of April 2022, NAP Techniek BV can become an official distributor of the filter brand Hengst Filtration appoint.

This year the Hengst Group , adopted the Bosch Rexroth filter package from their program.

Hengst and with that also NAP Techniek BV only supply the best filters! 


As of November 2023, NAP Techniek will be an official dealer of Ewellix! πŸš€ As a leading supplier of innovative motion solutions, Ewellix brings advanced technologies to the world with NAP Technology. πŸ› οΈ This partnership will enable us to serve our customers even better and deliver high-quality products and services. 

Eric Brink
Eric BrinkBusiness Unit Manager Rail Services / Railpro
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''Many innovations and overhauls have been carried out on parts, including the hydraulic cylinders. Although it was a challenging task, it was successfully completed thanks to effective collaboration with NAP technology,” said Eric Brink, Business Unit Manager Rail Services.
Gerard Cozijnsen
Gerard Cozijnsen
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Fast service from Nap Techniek! The hose of our high-pressure sprayer was broken, we brought it in at the end of the day and it was ready for me the next day. When I brought this hose, I had a tour from the owner who is very proud of his beautiful company and great building. It also looks clean and professional on the inside.
Nico van Dijk
Nico van Dijk
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Great company! very friendly and super helpful. Large range of parts. Thanks again for your thoughts!

Franklin Nap

'We are proud to be able to work with the most beautiful and best brands in the hydraulic world, including Bosch Rexroth, Moog and Hengst. Every day, all the qualities of our team are used and we get the most out of our knowledge in order to deliver the best for our customer.'
With our network we are already active in 58 countries!


Thanks to an extensive network and our huge stock, we are able to provide fast service around the world. We supply hydraulic parts in North and South America, Asia and the Middle East. A range of knowledge and a team that is committed every day to keep everything running ensures the complete picture that we can offer you.

  • Large stock
  • Fast response time
  • We go for 'up and running' in no time!
We move you win

You can contact NAP for cylinder overhauls (up to 12 meters), chrome, grinding, honing and laser cladding!

Our top performers continue to revise in the workshop on these cold days. Does your hydraulic cylinder need a well-deserved boost? βš™οΈ At NAP Techniek we specialize in overhauling cylinders, and we are ready to optimize your industrial performance! πŸš€

Why choose overhaul at NAP Techniek?

βœ… Professional Expertise: Our experienced team of technicians ensures a thorough inspection and high-quality overhaul of your cylinder.
βœ… Cost-saving: Remanufacturing is often cheaper than purchasing a new cylinder, which saves costs without sacrificing quality.
βœ… Fast Service: We understand that time is of the essence in the industry. Our efficient overhauls ensure minimal downtime and a quick return to maximum productivity.
βœ… Environmentally conscious: By choosing overhaul you contribute to sustainability and reduce the impact on the environment.
Bring your cylinder to NAP Techniek and experience the power of revitalized performance! πŸ’ͺ Contact us today for a no-obligation quote and discover how we can take your industrial processes to new heights. πŸŒπŸ› οΈ #Industry #CylinderRevision #NAPTechnology #Optimization